Ramdev says India-Pakistan cricket match is against national interest | Anti-national match.

Yoga train Baba Ramdev reports that the*)-(* that is( in the T20 Cricket World Cup on Sunday is against the national interest. “Cricket and terrorism are not something that can be played at the same time,” Ramdev said.

India-Pakistan match is anti-national: Ramdev

Pro-Sangh Parivar yoga coach Baba Ramdev has said that today’s India-Pakistan match in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is against the national interest. “Cricket and terrorism are not something that can be played at the same time,” Ramdev said.

It is against nationalism to play cricket with Pakistan when there is tension on the* that is( of Control. “It is against the national interest,” Ramdev asked correspondents at the* that is( airport.

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Ramdev says India of Pakistan cricket match is against national interest.Anti-national match |

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