Live: Pramod Bhagat ensured at least silver for India in badminton; Manish and Singhraj reach the finals of shooting .

Tokyo Paralympics: In Shooting P4 Mixed 50m Pistol, Singhraj and Manish Narwal well-qualified for the finals.

Tricolor hoisted at Tokyo Paralympics, Sinharaj and Manish Narwal reached the finalized in shooting.

It would be a good beginning for India on the eleventh daytime at the Tokyo Paralympics. Pramod Bhagat ensured at least a silver decoration for India in SL 3.* that is( defeated Fujihara Daisuke of Japan 21-11, 21-16 in the semi-finals to reach the final. With this, India will have 14 medals in Tokyo. Apart from these, Manish Narwal and Singhraj Adhana have reached the finals in the 50m air pistol shooting of SH-1 category. Adhana finished fourth in the qualification round with 536 points, while Narwal finished seventh with 533 points. Adhana has won medal that is bronze*) 10m temperature take:

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Live: Pramod Bhagat ensured at least silver for India in badminton; Manish and Singhraj reach the finals of shooting .
Live tennis; Pramod Bhagat ensured at least silver for India in .Manish and Singhraj reach the finals of shooting medals

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