Wonders of worshiping the owl | The vehicle of Mahalakshmi | The bird of wealth | The king of the night.

People look at the owl from different angles, which is a threat to behold.  In earlier times the owl was seen as a sign of death.  They thought that anyone in the town would die if they heard the owl’s howl.  Thus some hated the owl.

When they saw the owl, they thrown stones and chased it away.

The vehicle of Maha Lakshmi

That is very wrong.  If the picture of the owl is at home then definitely Mahalakshmi Kadaksham. 

The image of the owl in the palace of kings several thousand years ago will be there.  It was worshiped as an image of good fortune.

The owl prefers the unsupported nest of other birds to build its own nest.  The owl is the vehicle of Goddess Mahalakshmi.  The people of North India worship Lakshmi who is the vehicle of the owl.

Owl – The best friend to the farmers.

The owl is considered to be the best friend of the farmers.  They also consider it ominous to eat rats that damage fields and help agriculture that is greatly. 

Just as Maha Lakshmi has been Garuda as a* that is( for Sri Maha Vishnu, so is the owl vehicle exclusively for Maha Lakshmi.  This may be unknown to many.

Owl – The bird of wealth.

The people of North India consider it ominous if they keep building owl nests and screaming on the roof of their houses.  They think that Lakshmi’s consent has been obtained if the owl hears the noise in the house where the welfare is to be held.

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Wonders of worshiping the owl | The vehicle of Mahalakshmi | The bird of wealth | The king of the night.
Wonders of worshiping the owl people there.The vehicle of Mahalakshmi | The bird of wealth | The king of the |

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