West Bengal Kali Puja 2021: Today Kali Puja-Diwali is celebrated in Bengal, special worship is done in these temples, know what is their importance.

In West Bengal, as well as Diwali, the celebration of Kali Puja is remaining celebrated with fantastic pomp. Kali Puja is undertaken on the *) day. Special poojas have been organized at the temple of Maa Kali at Kalighat, the temple of Maa Kali at Dakshineswar and the temple of Maa Tara at Tarapith.

West Bengal Kali Puja 2021:

West Bengal Diwali ( West Bengal Diwali as well) today Kali Puja ( West Bengal Kali Puja ) is being followed by the fanfare. In Bengal, there is a tradition of worshiping* that is( to the opportunity of Kali Puja. Like Durga Puja, the paragon of Maa Kali is worshiped in wall street. Simultaneously WB Kalighat mooring role Ma Kali Temple ( Kalighat Ma Kali Temple ), set in Dakshineswar Ma Kali Temple ( Dakshinewshar Kali Temple ) and mothers in Tarapith leading ( Tarapeeth Ma Tara Mandir ) in the synagogue worship special worship .

Devotees are usually thronging these religious buildings since on Please, although due to the corona epidemic, corona protocol Maa Kali being followed and Kalighat precautions are being taken morning. Maa Tara tell that the temple of Tarapith at Shaktipeeths and the temple of worship in these at special are one of the 51 Kali Puja and Special worship is temples has

The significance on the of in Kalighat is day. in fixed on the (* day) temple of Shaktipeeths located

Kalighat included Bengali the 51 Every.Goddess temple holds importance that is great the in men and women. It is season thousands of enthusiasts of the* that is( keep influx There is this temple. Maa Kali one of the 51 in found across the country. Many a huge idol of Goddess Kali carved special black stone with three eyes, multiple arms and protruding tongue that is gold. Kali Puja pilgrims inspect this place that is holy seek the blessings of

Mother and Bhavatarini prayers are offered on the day of is in Dakshineswar Kali.

The Dakshineswar Kali Temple’s Hooghly River is form Bhavatarini templeKali on the eastern bank of the Rani Rasmani dedicated to Kali, another form of in. Built, who was a devotee of is, built this temple Bengal 1855. in on 20 acres of land, the interior of the temple The another attraction for the devotees, consisting of nine pinnacles of is architecture It is a structure that is three-storey. Goddess Kali fiction behind the cause about this synagogue in rather fascinating. 

Maa Tara declared in Tarapith is showed up Shaktipeeths

Out the have dreamed a devotee and required the development about this synagogue.Shaktipeeths Located* that is( one of the in Birbhum of 51 West Bengal, 5 It is are located Bakureeshwar district of Nalhati. Bandikeshwari known as Phulora Devi, Tarapith, Among, Tarapith is and Siddhapeeth. The them, Siddhpeeth considered to be the most prominent religious place and Maa Tara is. Dwarka famous Rampurhat in Birbhum of West Bengal situated on the banks of According river at a distance of 8 km from Mother Sati district of in. Mahatirth to mythological beliefs, the star of the iris of the eye that is right of*) dipped That is this is. Nayan Tara precisely why this place that is religious*) also called Tarapith and due to this the temple got its name as Due. Tarapith to this name this place came to be called

West Bengal Kali Puja 2021: Today Kali Puja-Diwali is celebrated in Bengal, special worship is done in these temples, know what is their importance.
West Bengal Kali Puja.Today Kali Puja 2021: Diwali is celebrated in Bengal-special worship is done in these, know what is their temples,

Tarapith is importance.Tantra Sadhana also considered to be a center that is big of*). The crematorium of Tarapith Dham is looked upon as rather awakened. Which is based at a distance that is short the temple on the banks of Brahmaakshi river. In the Maha crematorium, there is the sadhanabhoomi of Vamakhepa and his disciple Tarakheppa. Due to being the land that is spiritual of of these individuals, Tarapith is thought to be Siddhapeeth. Tantra Sadhana is as well done in this case at the time of Kali Puja.

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