The glory of Thiruneeru and the miracle that took place because of it.

One morning in the Puranas, the wise Durvasa completed his or her a . m . employment, meditated on Shiva, anointed thiruneeru (* to his forehead) left for and.Pitruloka who saw

Those great the in front Tavaseela him moved to worship him with respect. of was a well on

There way to the, I narrowed my eyes for a moment thinking I had never seen Durvasa Sage well, the started walking again.and shiva about

Lord shiva about Thiruneeru.
Lord.ThiruneeruA village was running on

side the big well. of that was ruled by heavy fire, acid rain It poisonous animals such as snakes and scorpions.and who sinned on

Those planet were severely punished there. the were experiencing grief that is unspeakable. We case abruptly directed inverted

The event the bad wise bowed the searched out and about. and a haven a major city evolved into. What, garlandsScorpion scorpions converted into garlands. 

Snakes and acidic water rained completely.  A breeze that is pleasant to blow.  The whole city smelled.  The souls all rejoiced.  Sinful face shone brightly. 

The this, Seeing guards fled in fear.  the told They a city of had suddenly become a paradise.  that was shocked to see this

Eman ran to and thinking how this was possible.  Indra did not understand either.Indra shiva about

Lord.Thiruneeru all ran to

The Devendras and Devati Devas. Sarveshwar smiled Eason this thiruneeru with his middle finger, ring finger, and took thumb and placed it on his forehead in three lines. and it.

The glory of Thiruneeru and the miracle that took place because of it.
The glory of Thiruneeru and the miracle that took place because of ring finger represents

The, Brahma middle finger the index finger me. Vishnu and the to

According scriptures, when* that is( so, who viewed the Durvasa shower curled all the down to take a look at the the good news is a good fall the sea dropped when he needed to park temple of that it evolved into ecstasy.and thought

Eason it is that reasons mischief converted into ecstasy. the a amount that is small*) thiruneeru is useful for sinners.Even, most of us reverence of regularly.

Therefore can save us.Shiva