Hurricane devastation in US state of Kentucky: 50 people died, roofs of houses were blown away by high-speed winds.

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News of the death of 50 people; Kentucky state governor declares emergency

At least 50 people are expected to be killed after a tornado in the US state of Kentucky. State Governor Andy Beshear has given this information. Beshear said, we know that more than 50 people have died because of the tornado.

 He said most of the damage was done in Graves County, which includes the city of Mayfield. It has caused as much devastation in Mayfield as a tornado usually strikes any city.

Hurricane devastation in US state of Kentucky: 50 people died, roofs of houses were blown away by high-speed winds.
Hurricane devastation in US state of Kentucky: 50 people died, roofs of houses were blown away by high-speed winds.

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Weather Alert to Arkansas from the tornado on Indiana

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