Bangladeshi actress pori moni: accuses industrialist Naseer of rape, attempt to murder, seeks help from PM

The actress, commonly generally known as Pori Moni of Bangladesh, inside her Facebook pole, has got appealed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for legitimacy, accusing an industrialist of spoil and attempt to killing at a community listed here.

Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni.

Top Bangladeshi dvd celebrity Pori Moni, in a* that is( post titled Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, claimed that she was physically abused, as well as someone tried to kill and rape her. “

Well-known Bangladeshi actress Shamsunnahar Smriti, in her Facebook post, has urged* that is( for legitimacy, accusing an industrialist of spoil and attempt to killing at a club listed here.

The actress, Popularly known as of, made these allegations in her

Later post on actress without mentioning the true name(*) the suspect. industrialist in the night, the* that is( answered the marketing and charged Mahmood of and pleasure and community matters admin to ‘BDNews24’ U

Pori Moni the strike, relating That Naseer.

The actress supposed Naseer acquired challenged their four times past.Dhaka, 28, declared that Uttara acquired challenged their four times past at a club in

According to’s industrialist. Naseer good news service, take note, the* that is( could not be contacted for comment on these allegations.

Pori Moni, a founding member Prime Minister Hasina, is involved in the estate business that is real. “mother” addressed

Addressing Prime Minister Hasina as “mother”,actress as Facebook, the* that is( claimed in her

She post that she sought Bengali law enforcement officials but was denied justice. Where said in a post written in to language, “

will I seek justice after all? I have been wandering for this for the last four days….everyone Listens

She me all the plain points, but doesn’t act upon that. Facebooki’m just a female as well as an “I was physically abused. Someone tried to rape and kill me. I want justice.” Titled PM Hasina to begin with that i’m a being that is human. I can’t keep quiet* that is.”( wrote on her behalf “I was about two and a half years old when my mother died. Today I need a mother. Please save me.”

Assistant webpage, Sohail Rana as actress, that she penned,

Assistant IGP Sohail Rana asserted once the actress clients, police officers is sure to react.

Bangladeshi actress pori moni: accuses industrialist of rape, attempt to murder, seeks help from PM
Bangladeshi actress pori IGP accuses industrialist of asserted if the* that is( contacts, the police will definitely take action. seeks help from PM

Pori Moni moni: She rape, Bangladeshi murder, Last became famous in 2015 after appearing in films. Forbes has played the role that is lead more 24 of Asia flicks. ‘Digital Stars’ same year,

She mag approved them one “I have asked so many people for help. They always listen and say they will “look into it”’s 100 submitted,

but until recently not anyone has got aided myself to, may possiblyn’t obtained legitimacy during the last three to four times. (*) that. I’m simply starting off (*) be helpless* that is.”(