Tvs Insurance clear cut idea: Benefits of TVS Bike Insurance | Aditya Birla Insurance Tvs.

There are many companies working in the field of two wheeler manufacturing in India.  TVS Motor Company occupies an important position in the manufacturing of two wheelers in India.  The company covers almost one third of the two wheeler market in India.  TVS Motor is the first such company in India to sell more than 300,000 two wheelers annually.

Tvs Insurance.

There are many companies working in the field of two wheeler manufacturing in India.  TVS Motor Company occupies an important position in the manufacturing of two wheelers in India.  The company covers almost one third of the two wheeler market in India.  TVS Motor is the first such company in India to sell more than 300,000 two wheelers annually.

 In this post, we will discuss in detail about the TVS models of two wheelers, TVS Bike Insurance and why insurance is necessary for TVS bikes and scooters.

TVS Insurance Policy.

 Buying two wheeler insurance is a must if you are buying a two wheeler, as buying insurance on two wheelers is legally binding in India.  If you buy a TVS bike or scooter, then TVS Bike Insurance / TVS Scooty Insurance must be taken to avoid loss or damage due to any kind of accident or collision.  You can at least take third party TVS bike insurance to avoid this type of damage or loss.

 But it is a good option to buy comprehensive TVS bike insurance instead of third party TVS Bike Insurance / TVS Scooty Insurance because a comprehensive TVS bike insurance policy also covers the payment of natural or human damage caused by third party and self.  includes in.

About TVS Motor Company.

TVS Motor Company was established in the year 1979.  This company belongs to TVS Group.  This company is the third largest two wheeler producer in India and holds its place among the top 10 two wheeler producing companies in the world.  TVS Company produces a wide range of models of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles in the two wheeler segment. 

Tvs Insurance clear cut idea: Benefits of TVS Bike Insurance | Aditya Birla Insurance Tvs.
Tvs Insurance clear cut idea: Benefits of TVS Bike Insurance | Aditya Birla Insurance Tvs.

TVS company has a total of 4 manufacturing plants in the two wheeler sector, out of which three plants are located in Hosur (Tamil Nadu), Mysore (Karnataka), Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh) in India and one plant is located in Indonesia.

Tvs Scooty Insurance Price.

Various types of scooter models have been presented by TVS company in the Indian market, which are as follows-

Jupiter TVS Jupiter holds the leading position among the scooters presented by the TVS company so far.  The engine of Jupiter scooter is 110 cc which generates 8.2  power per second.  In terms of power and economy, this scooter holds a special place in the market.
Scooty Streak This scooter specially manufactured by TVS company for women is available in a variety of colors.  The scooter is equipped with 88CC power Four Stroke Single Cylinder which houses the Air-Cooled engine with Slik & Slim look.
Scooty Pep This scooter gives letter medicine average of 65 kms which is one of the most fuel efficient scooters in the country.  The scooter has been brought to the market in Black, Great and Purple colors with convenient parking stand, clean turn signal lamp.

Tvs Jupiter Insurance Cost.

tvs jupiter classic insurance price
tvs jupiter classic insurance price
TVS Jupiter ₹5000 Onwards

Tvs Bike Insurance.

Apache TVS company has launched Apache motorcycle in the Indian market with three variants 180 cc, 160 cc and 150 cc capacity.  The company has launched this bike in a sports look with Muscled Tail Cowl, Muscled Tank, ABS.  This bike is one of the favorite bikes of the youth.
Star Sport TVS company has launched Star Sport bike with high ground clearance and lightweight, which can be managed for riding in tight spaces.  This bike has been brought in the market with electric start and kickstart.
Star City By TVS Company, this bike has been designed keeping in mind the need of comfortable travel and high mileage of people going for daily office work.  This bike has a 109 cc engine which generates power of 8.4 per second.

Tvs Bike Insurance Online.

TVS company brings its products to the market with reliable, durable, affordable and latest technology but every customer buying TVS bike must buy TVS Bike Insurance to avoid the burden of unexpected expenses in future.  Can go  Below is a list of Comprehensive TVS Bike Insurance Prices expected to be priced on TVS bikes along with their models.

TVS Apache ₹5000 Onwards
TVS XL 100 ₹3000 Onwards
TVS Victor GL Petro ₹3000 Onwards

The comprehensive TVS insurance prices of the above bikes are given for reference only.

Benefits Of Tvs Insurance.

If you take a comprehensive TVS Bike Insurance/TVS Scooter Insurance policy at the time of buying a TVS bike/scooter, then you can avoid any accident or unforeseen house hold due to natural or unnatural events.  For example, if your bike gets damaged due to an accident or collision, then in that case the Comprehensive TVS Bike Insurance Policy covers this unforeseen loss for you.

 Comprehensive TVS Insurance Policy covers third party liability.  It is legally binding for every two wheeler owner in India to take third party insurance.  Apart from this, the Comprehensive TVS Bike Insurance Policy also provides you with Roadside Assistant Katha Zero Depression cover.

 It is easy to buy or renew a comprehensive TVS Bike Insurance Policy through online medium.  TVS Insurance Bike provides Financial Coverage at the time of theft and Replace or Repair facility in case of accident damage.  TVS Insurance provides all the above-mentioned facilities as well as the facility to settle the claim in less time.

What is included in the Comprehensive TVS Bike Insurance  Policy (Two Wheeler)?

  • Third Party Library – Keeping in mind the orders of the Supreme Court of India, the facility of Unlimited Cover is provided in case of injury or death during any type of accident.
  • Third Party Property Damage Cover- TVS Bike Insurance covers damages up to ₹100000 for the policy holder under third party property damage caused due to any type of accident.
  • Loss or damage to the insured bike – TVS Insurance provides protection to you and your bike from accident, tractor, theft, man-made disaster, natural calamity, etc. in the following ways-

 If your bike gets damaged in natural calamities like storm, earthquake, flood, cyclone, storm, landslide etc., then TVS Bike Insurance compensates you for the damage.

TVS Insurance covers damages caused by man-made disasters such as Theft, Strikes, Burglary, Riots, Terrorist acts and malicious activities.

 Even TVS Insurance compensates for the damage caused by any external factors in the accident.

 TVS Insurance Policy also indemnifies the damage caused by the TVS Two Wheeler being transported from one place to another by rail, aircraft, and road.

What is not covered in the Comprehensive TVS Insurance  Policy (Two Wheeler)?

Various types of benefits are provided by TVS company on TVS Bike Insurance policy.  Whereas, TVS bike insurance policy also has some limitations.  There are some incidents during which the TVS company denies the claim of damage or loss.  These events are as follows-

  • The driver is driving the bike without a valid license at the time of accident or damage to the vehicle.
  • Damage due to technical or electrical failure.
  • Use of bike or two wheeler outside the limits of TVS insurance policy.
  • The depreciation value of any part is not covered.
  • Consequential losses are not covered by TVS Bike Insurance.
  • Compensation for damages caused during daily Wear & Tear of the bike.
  • Damage caused by the driver while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Intentional damage caused by the driver of the bike.
  • Expenses incurred by the owner at his own discretion during repairing.
  • In times of war, damage caused by Nuclear Weapons or radioactivity.

Additional Benefits of TVS Bike Insurance.

TVS Bike Insurance Company provides the customer with the convenience of increasing the coverage at a very low cost at the time of buying an insurance policy.  Some of which additional benefits are as follows-

 TVS Insurance Company offers Personal Accident Cover for Owner/Driver/Unnamed Passengers at a very nominal additional charge in addition to the Basic PA Cover of Rs.15 lakhs offered with Bike Insurance.

 Fog lights, electronic and electrical accessories on TVS bikes are also covered by TVS insurance company at an additional charge.

Add-On Covers of TVS Insurance  on TVS Bike

TVS Insurance Company provides some add-on benefits to increase the coverage area for TVS Two Wheeler Insurance.  If your bike is unable to walk due to this reason while walking on the road, then you can avail the following add-on benefits-

 Flat Battery Support: – If your bike stops due to flat battery while walking on the road, then you can contact your Insurer to make an alternate arrangement.

 Towing Assistance :- TV Insurance company also provides towing facility under add-on benefits to take the vehicle to the workshop for repair upto a predetermined limit  if the vehicle is stopped due to a technical fault while on the road.

 Spare Keys: – If the key of the insured bike or scooter is lost or misplaced, then the insurance company will arrange the Spare Key under the terms and conditions of the TVS Bike Insurance policy.

 Flat Tire Assistance: – If your bike stops due to flat tyre while walking on the road, then the insurance company will send a technician to help you at the place where your bike is stopped.

 Minor Repair Services:- If your bike is not just the scooter is unable to move due to mechanical or electrical failure, then the insurance company provides you technical support.

 Legal Advice:- If your bike gets accident while walking on the road then you can get legal advice from the legal expert of your insurance company.  This facility can be availed by mobile phone for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

Tvs Bike Insurance Online.

It is very easy to buy TVS Bike Insurance online from any General Insurance company.  The following information given below is required for buying TVS Bike Insurance / TVS Scooter Insurance by any insurance company.

TVS Bike Information

  • Bike Make
  • Fuel Type
  • Cubic Capacity
  • City in which bike was registered (RTO)
  • Manufacture Year
  • Seating Capacity
  • Type of Body
  • Bike Current Insurance Policy Type
  • IDV
  • Policy Term
  • Previous Policy Tenure
  • Previous Policy Expired Date
  • Transfer of Ownership (If any)
  • Accessories Installed Cover for Bike
  •  If any claim were made in the previous policy
  • Number of Claims in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year
  • NCB Applicable.

Personal Information.

  • Full Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Name of City
  •  Bike Registration Area
  • Other Areas (if Applicable)
  • Pin Code of Area

As soon as you submit the above Bike Information & Personal Information online to any General Insurance Company, the Bike Insurance Quotation will be received by the company on the mail provided by you.

Tvs Insurance Renewal.

 It is necessary for every driver to get his two wheeler insurance policy done before his bike insurance expires.  You can also renew TVS Two Wheeler Insurance Policy online.  To Renew TVS Bike Insurance Online, customers are required to do the following things.

  • First of all go to the official website of the general insurance company from which you have your policy.
  • On the home page of the official website, select the option of Two Wheeler Policy Renewal.
  • Provide your mobile number.
  • Enter your policy number in the specified column.
  • Enter your two wheeler registration number, chassis number and engine number.
  • Click on the button of Renew.
  • Bike Insurance Quotation will be received on your e-mail on your mobile number.  Which you can also download.
  • From here you can make Policy Premium Payment by using the link of Payment.

Tvs Insurance Claim.

  • To get the TVS Bike Insurance claim first, contact on the toll free number or mail id provided by the company.
  •  Before giving claim intimation on toll free number e-mail, keep the following information with you-
  • Driving license details along with name and contact details of two wheeler driver.

 TVS bike insurance policy no.

Event day and time

 Description of the scene.

 Estimated amount of vehicle damage.

 Vehicle  Damaged details.

 Contact details of bike policy holder.

  • Contact the customer representative of the insurance company on the helpline number.
  • The claim reference number will be provided by the customer representative after receiving all the information related to the incident from you.
  • Once the claim is registered with the two wheeler insurance company, a surveyor will be assigned for your claim.
  •  A confirmation SMS will be sent to you by the insurance company with the assessor details.
  • The surveyor sent by the company will take time from you and prepare the survey report after inspecting the spot at your convenience.
  • Provide the required documents to the surveyor during the claim process.
  •  If the Assessor  has advised for re-examination, then contact the customer help desk to get the two wheeler re-examination done.
  • On completion of the claim process, the sum assured will be sent to your account by the insurance company.