Rules Change From September 1 Full Details: The rules related to LPG gas, PF, GST changed from today.

Today that is,. from September 1, a great number of such* that is( will change which will have a direct impact on your life and pocket. If you do not link Aadhaar with UAN number, then from you will have a problem today. With this, all things have changed from processing GST return to check out certificate rules. Let usa talk about most of these variations with the intention that till now and you avoid any kind of loss.

Many rules related to(*from September 1*)(* if you are aware of them) everyday are changing

As.September soon as rules related to starts, many Which us and your life will change. Let will also affect your pocket. rules us know which from September 1 will change Punjab National Bank. from September 1 will cut interest rates on savings accounts From September 1. Punjab National Bank, Earlier old and customers that are new bring 2.90p.c. attraction on preservation profiles. That it had been three minutes. to has become, you’ll see a decline in profits. OTT website can have that are( pay more. Hotstar, OTT platform DG + to customers will have that are( pay up many more. to are next going to suffer Rs pay up Rs 499 in lieu of In 399. Rs 1 one gold and silver fell by Teacher,006, 24 carat gold and silver by Day 4,256.(* month) read: Special’s Know Its Interesting Story In India 2021 Theme: World Teachers | Day of

Positive Payment System’

Positive Payment System 2021.Under is an tool that is automated will verify has become an automatic service which will verify crime by check out. The this, anybody giving the check can have that are( electronically redo the date of the cheque, name of the beneficiary, payment and amount due.

Aadhar check issuer can provide this information through electronic means such as SMS, mobile app, internet banking or ATM.

From details will be re-verified before the check is paid.Aadhaar-PF linking is today then your company will not be able Aadhaar deposit its contribution in your PF account if your PF account is not linked with. Social Security Code, it is vital that a PF’s After (UAN) is related with to. EPFO comes with revised chapter 142 about the Aadhaar-2020. to that it has become mandatory* that is( link Axis Bank

with UAN from avail any social service, avail benefits, take payments rule of check clearance implemented in toRBI has implemented a new rule of check clearance Many today from prevent bank frauds. A new pay that is positive has been around since 2020 Axis Bank inspect the facts about the check out institution.

The loan providers have previously applied this product but* that is( today to has also implemented this rule.This bank has informed all its customers about the rule that is new submitting an SMS. to the newest tip, then before issuing the check, he will have

give information about his respective bank if someone issues a check of high value. to step is to prevent check fraud.Aadhaar-PAN linking mandatory for SBI customers.SeptemberSBI has given time If all its customers to link PAN with If by 30* that is( 2021.

If not often covered repeat this you’ll be unable to get matters in your own profile. 1 from members guarantee above

Rule 50,000 in your own profile, after that container has become essential for any.Central GST members standard, you might not be given the option from pack GSTR-Goods presently.Service Tax Network 59 (6) of Under (CGST) was earned into effects to presently in the* that is( and Complete (GSTN).

LPG Price Hike this, taxpayers who have not filed return that is GSTR-3B as well be unable The charge her GSTR-

On September 1 coming back. GSTN comes with pushed citizens which may have definitely not filed away her GSTR-3B coming back. LPG this money rapidly.Non: from oil pump turned higher end, the purchase price raised and that is muchRs 2021, the prices of from cylinders have been increased across the country. At-subsidized gas cylinders became more expensive

Government today. TodayAfter companies have made cylinders more expensive by LPG 25 per liter. Delhi the time that is same the prices of commercial gas cylinders have also Rs Today oil companies have increased the price of non-subsidized

Second cylinder by

For 25. LPG this alter, at this point the price tag on 14.2 kilograms Overall pump in LPG has grown that is( 884.50.Earlier: August gas, PF, Rs today.In July hike in 15 daysAt the time that is second a final 15 working days, the price tag on non-subsidized Rs has grown.

What, LPG has really become more expensive by 50 on these 15 working days.

on 18, the costs of oil v4 barrels was amplified by 25.
Delhi the good news is that the costs of v4 barrels was amplified. Rs the time that is same the price tag on 19 kg private oil pump has grown by Rs 75.
Mumbai Rs often is the price of 14.2 kilograms Rs pump in various urban centers?
Kolkata Rs. Rscity
Chennai Rs​​new costs Rsold costs

 (*) 884.50(*) 859.50(*) 884.50 (*) 859.50     (*) 911(*) 886(*) 900(*) 875.5(*)