Bharat Chodo Andolan: Start on the anniversary of ‘Quit India Movement’ on August 8, PM Modi has appealed to the public.

‘Quit India Movement’ have been launched on this present day in 1942 and on this present day India Chodo Movement will go to originate.

Bharat Chodo Andolan.

Indian Penal Code constructed in 1860, Police Act constructed in 1861, Religious Endowment Act constructed in 1863 and Evidence Act constructed in 1872 to abolish all* that is( 222 English laws and provide equal education, equal medicine, uniform tax code, uniform penal code in India,  India chodo Andolan is starting to implement Uniform Labor Code, Uniform Police Code, Uniform Judicial Code, Uniform Civil Code, Uniform Dharmasthala Code and Uniform Population Code.

quit india movement day 2021

Quit India Movement’ was started on this day in 1942 and on this day India chodo Andolan ‘Bharat chodo Andolan’ is going to start.  The important thing is that today there will be a dharna at Jantar Mantar.  During this, the National President of Bharatiya Jan Mahasabha, Dharmachandra Poddar has reached Delhi from Jamshedpur.

 Let us tell you that the convener of ‘Bharat Jojo Abhiyan’ Ashwini Upadhyay said that casteism, linguism, fundamentalism, naxalism, politics and appeasement will not reduce till 222 English laws are not abolished.  Theft, robbery, snatching, bribery, hoarding, adulteration, black marketing will also not end.  Benami property will not diminish until the substandard English law is abolished.  Also the conversion will not end.

Upadhyay told that that is( found crafted a mediocre regulation not really to reposition decay and bad thing.

BJP frontrunner, individual proponent of Supreme Court and Ashwini Upadhyay, begin Bharat chodo Andolan, out of service High Court ascertain Justice VK Shukla and Justice Sakharam Yadav, individual cops Dr. Anand Kumar and Vikram Singh,  Senior bureaucrats recreational vehicles Mani and Sanjay Dixit, Major Generals second letter Singha and Lt Gen Vishnu Kant Chaturvedi, friendly activists Bhai Preet Singh and Anil Chaudhary, psychic trainers Pawan Singha, Swami Jitendranand Saraswati, Mahant Surendra Nath, Swami Yatindranand Giri and Mahabharata  Gajendra Chauhan, that has Yudhishthira, will take part in this system.

Upadhyay advised that that is( had made a poor law not to reduce corruption and crime and to give justice to the people of India but to strengthen their power. 

Speech On Quit India Movement.

The British did not consult any Indian while making the law.  Neither was there any public debate while framing the substandard laws nor was any suggestion taken from the general public.  The British made all the laws only to strengthen their power.  The IPC of 1860 was created not to reduce crime in India but to beat Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai with sticks, to give life imprisonment to patriots like Veer Savarkar and to hang Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru.

Police Act of 1861.

The BJP leader said that the Police Act of 1861 is ghastly.  Due to this lousy law, the police was earlier a slave of the British and is now a slave of the ruling party.  In 1990 Kashmir was murdered in broad daylight, sisters and daughters were raped, houses were openly burnt and forced to flee but* that is( law enforcement just didn’t maybe discharge in the oxygen.  Till night out the offenders of Kashmir were not disciplined.  The cause of the Great Genocide of Kashmir in 1990 has become the substandard Police Act of 1861.  Whatever taken place in Kashmir in 1990, taken place in Bengal always yesterday, but* that is( police remained a mute spectator because the Police Act made in 1861 is applicable in Bengal also.

 The British took over the religious places of Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists in 1863 by making* that is( this also regulation ‘s still heading on at this time.  The govt has power over 4 lakh religious buildings of India and not a particular mosque, school, grave or dargah has become under the manage of the govt.

Religious Endowment Act in 1863.

 He asserted that by making* that is( in 1863, the British occupied the shrines of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs and that law is going on even today. 

Today 4 lakh temples of India are occupied by the government but not a single mosque, church, mazar or dargah is under the control of the government, that is why it is absolutely necessary to change the English laws.

Upadhyay said that the doctor is good but* that is( prescription has become inferior.

 Upadhyay asserted that the medical professional is useful but* that is( medicine is poor, the doctor is good but the herb is bad, the doctor is good but the building material is poor, the surgeon is good but the instrument of operation is useless, that is why the expected result is not coming.  He said that to unite the country, abolish English laws and one curriculum that is nation-one one nation-one training block, one nation-one penal procedure, one nation-one taxation procedure, one nation-one law enforcement procedure, one country. 

It is completely required to utilize One Labor Code, One Nation-One Judicial Charter, One Nation-One Citizen Charter, One Nation-One Civil Code and One Nation-One Medical Code.  When all of us remember the 75th anniversary of mobility in 2020, back then there mustn’t be a single* that is( law in India because unless a new law is made, a new India will not be formed.

Quit India Movement Day.

The British had implemented rules and regulations in India, due to which the wave of hatred started in the Indian.  People started looking at each other with hatred. 

Bharat Chodo Andolan: Start on the anniversary of 'Quit India Movement' on August 8, PM Modi has appealed to the public.
Bharat Chodo Andolan: Start on the anniversary of ‘Quit India Movement’ on August 8, PM Modi has appealed to the public.

Many Indians Had* that is( stay confined because of these protocols.  It have been time* that is( steer clear of world and dislike the other person.  However, with the converting circumstances, the ‘Quit India Movement’ founded and the British were definitely enticed from India.