Union Cabinet Expansion: Will BJP leader L Murugan become Union Minister?.

There are currently documents that BJP status leader L Murugan will be presented a try as the* that is( is being expanded.

Union Cabinet Expansion: Will BJP leader L Murugan become Union Minister?.

There are reports that BJP state president L Murugan will be given a chance as the* that is( is simply being widened.

The BJP governing administration oriented by Prime Minister Modi accepted position for your time that is second May 2019.  This BJP cabinet has been allotted more than two portfolios per cabinet minister, which is unprecedented. 

For example, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is the Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development, Panchayat Raj and Food Security.  Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasanth is the* that is( for Law and Justice, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Similarly, Harshavardhan, Pius Goyal and Prakash Joshi will be the cabinet members for your three divisions.  Similarly, following on from the surrender of Harshimrat Kaur on this Akali Dal person, who had previously been the Union Agriculture Minister, each of the cabinet members come from the BJP.  Coalition individuals continue under-represented.

 Therefore, it turned out wanted the fact that Union Cabinet can be widened on a scale that is large.  There have been reports in the media that the* that is( is simply being widened over the last 30 days.  The governors appointment that is made yesterday to confirm it.  In this context, the new Union Ministers are expected to take office at 6 pm today.

  It is expected that 43 new and ministers that are existing choose position these days.  In today’s cabinet that is inaugural it has been reported that SC, ST, OBC and women will be adequately represented.

There are reports that the current BJP leader L Murugan will be given a seat in the Union Cabinet.

Jyotiraditya scindia, a prominent Congress leader, joined the BJP in March 2019.  However, he was not given a place in the Union Cabinet.  Therefore, it seems likely that Cynthia, Sarpanch Sona and Bhupendra Yadav will be accommodated in the current Union Cabinet expansion.

Similarly, Those from Union Cabinet are not being represented in the So while the BJP leader L Murugan is actively trying to gain a foothold in Union Cabinet. 

, based on those estimates, there’s documents the fact that ongoing Also will be presented a seat contained in the Tamil Nadu.

  Although Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, if she is enrolled on this SC people it is prescribed an area contained in the kitchen, both of them parts of a cabinet user from Jaisankar and a spot for a SC people adviser can be achieved.Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu and Therefore come from Tamil Nadu, they’re not instantly tangled up in

Union Cabinet Expansion: Will BJP leader L Murugan become Union Minister?.
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