Tamilnadu Lockdown | Lockdown extension in Tamilnadu till June 7 | package of 13 groceries to all family cardholders.

The Tamil Nadu administration features publicized that a full signal are going to be in energy in Tamil Nadu till June 7 at 6 am with alike difficulties. 

Also, several publicized that grocers in the areas that are respective go door-to-door delivering goods by vehicles from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tamilnadu lockdown latest news.

The curfew order has been* that is( energy since 25-3-2020 beneath the National Disaster Management Act according to the rules of the Central Government to steer clear of the put of cigar malware illness.

In this aspect, in the examination interview performed with all the Legislative Party Leaders on 22-5-2021, according to the vistas said because of the Legislative Party Leaders, the vistas of the doctors and also the people’s officials happen to be detected prior and also the proposal and views happen to be desired to manage the put of the cigar crisis on 24-5-2021.  The foremost broad signal is now being applied in Tamil Nadu.

One weekend extension in Tamil Nadu lockdown.

Our Honorable Chief Minister MK Stalin features directed a one-week extension to inspect the character of the varicella zoster virus district-wise, steer clear of the put of the varicella zoster virus and economize the lives that are precious*) the people.of, The daily needs

Lockdown the public, the sale Tamil Nadumobile vegetables / fruits Stalinwill continue

Local the districts by the concerned department.(* with the aim meeting rules by each of our professional of manager public servant MK to.to grocers7, employing the permit to localized officers, are permitted try

Package of 13 groceries to all domestic parts available and provide the goods demanded because of the patron on the internet and on the phone from family:00 will be

Apart 6:00 pm(.(* that is*) rice to cardholders.to from this, reduce the inconvenience Stalin the general public, Department of Cooperativesour honorable chief minister MK Consumer Protection to has directed the 13 groceries to all and family provideJune rice

Tamilnadu Lockdown | Lockdown extension in Tamilnadu till June 7 | package of 13 groceries to all family cardholders.
Tamilnadu Lockdown cardholders at a reasonable price from next Lockdown extension in Tamilnadu till June 7.package of 13 groceries to all family |

The Chief Minister | to cardholders.in Tamil Nadu urged the public of refrain from leaving their homes and moving outside unnecessarily as a curfew that is complete already been added to on the welfare

Also the fans in manage the cigar epidemic.National Guidelines, stated above Corona Management the to for in, it really is a prerequisite to wear front face covering* that is( public places, adhere social spaces and

Ourwash your handsStalin frequently with soap/disinfectant.

Our Honorable minister that is chief Chief Minister.Stalin professional all MK to wanted those who to pay his offull group action

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