Shri Ramayana Yatra Train: IRCTC Sri Ramayana Yatra, Here are the full details | Sri Ramayana Yatra.

The Sri Ramayana Yatra, started by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, begun on Sunday, November 7. The super prepare migrates from Safdarjung Railway Station in Delhi.

 The main objective of the trek will be to examine the legendary parts when the fiction of Ramayana came to pass. The trek may last for 12 days and 13 occasions. The prepare migrates from Delhi and sees Ayodhya, the homeland of Lord Rama. 

IRCTC ramayana yatra 2021 Train

Rameshwaram goes thru Nandigram, Janakpur, Sitamarhi, Varanasi, Prayag Raj, Sringaverpur, Chitrakoot, Nashik and Hampi. This is actually where* that is( journey ends. The return train goes to Delhi. The journey will cover a distance of 7,500 km for a total of 17 days. Only 132 passengers are allowed on the train for this trip. 

Ramayan Express Train Ticket Price

There are two categories available for train travel. They have 1AC and categories that are 2AC. While .. 1.02 lakhs traverse in 1 AC, Rs. 83 search being remunerated. It boasts all* that is( facilities for travelers. Restroom, toilets, dining room, veg, non veg food, CCTVs, special lockers are all provided.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has planned a series of Sri Ramayana Yatra tours to promote tourism that is religious. IRCTC boasts started again tourism that is domestic trains in view of the improved corona (COVID-19) situation. TodayStarting of this starts. Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station from November on the 7, the initial look will take care of all Sri Ram key parts correlated to

Other’s liveliness.Sri Ramayana Yatra Express offers involve 12 days / 13 occasions from Madurai-It. November is determined to produce on There sixteenth. Sri Ramayana Yatra Express can be a 16 overnight / 17 evening software to Sriganganagar-The IRCTC. the boasts released that November prepare leaves on

Ramayan Circuit Train Route

The 25.the initial stop your vehicle of Ayodhya prepare is set in Sri Rama Janmabhoomi Temple when vacationers come visit Bharat Mandir, Nandigram in Hanuman Temple and The. Sita near location is actually Sitamarhi’s homeland in Bihar, From. the Ram around, you can go to Janki Temple-Janakpur in

The by-road.Varanasi Train shall then leave for Tourists. Varanasi can visit Prayaga, Shringavarpur, Chitrakoot and Overnight temples by road. are stays Varanasi arranged at Prayaga, Chitrakoot and

The.Nashik train stops at There. Trimbakeshwar Temple will be a visit to* that is( and After Nashik. the, Hampi near location is actually the, Kishkinda longstanding associated with

Rameshwaram.the is actually The past stop your vehicle because of it prepare quest. Delhi prepare after that rewards to the on During seventeenth single day of his or her quest. Will this tour that is entire guests will cover about 7500 km. 

IRCTC travel.

In ramayana yatra 2021 pricethe Government line with India of “Dekho Apna Desh”’s the IRCTC initiative to promote tourism that is domestic Rs boasts lengthened this super travel prepare to 2AC at a price of Rs. 82,950 and Started. 

IRCTC Tour Packages: IRCTC Sri Ramayana Yatra, Here are the full details | Sri Ramayana Yatra.
IRCTC Tour Packages at a cost of 1,02,095.IRCTC Sri Ramayana Yatra: Here are the full details, Sri Ramayana Yatra |

.theIR CTC declared a trip that is second been prepared for The hobbyists. December next trek will begin in Bookings.

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