Prakash Raj’s explanation of the ‘Jai Bhim’ scene

For the past few days, one of the film’s scenes has been criticized. Surya’s ‘Jam Bhim,’ a Tamil film, will be released on Amazon Prime’s OTT platform on November 2. Since its release, the film has been the source of much debate.

About the film

Prakash Raj stabbed someone in the ear in one of the film’s scenes for speaking in Hindi. This scene has received a great deal of criticism. Prakash Raj has now expressed his thoughts on the matter.
Prakash Raj recently spoke with News 9 about his new book. In this interview, he discussed a scene from the film ‘Jai Bhim.’ ‘After seeing Jai Bhim, they did not see the pain of those people, nor did they see the injustice done to them.’ They only noticed one stone. As a result, their agenda has become clear,” explained Prakash.

Scene ‘Jai bhim’

In a scene from the film ‘Jai Bhim,’ someone speaks to Prakash Raj in Hindi. Prakash Raj then inserts a stone into that person’s ear. The man is then seen questioning me about why I was beaten. “Speak in Tamil,” Prakash Raj has said. The same scene is currently being challenged. TJ Gyanvel’s film ‘Jai Bhim,’ directed by Prakash Raj, features an important role for actor Prakash Raj.

People did not see the suffering of the tribals

In an interview with the media, Prakash Raj stated, “People did not see the suffering of the tribal people, they did not see the injustice, and they did not feel their problem after watching a film like Jai Bhim. They had only seen the slap in the movie. That was all he knew. It reveals his plan. He described that scene in the film as follows: “For example, South Indians’ aversion to Hindi is being imposed on them.
How will a police officer investigating a case react if he learns that a person who speaks the local language has chosen to speak Hindi? To avoid questions in Hindi? Isn’t it necessary to document it? The story takes place in the 1990s. If that character was forced to speak Hindi, he would react like this.

Prakash Raj's explanation of the 'Jai Bhim' scene

It is pointless to respond to radicals.

Prakash Raj, too, felt that responding to such controversies was pointless. According to him, the slapping scene has upset some people. Because the screen’s secret was light. They appear more naked than I do now because their intentions have become clear. If the tribal people’s pain isn’t enough to shake them, all I can say is “Do you understand that much, does he?” It is pointless to respond to such radicals.