Petrol, Diesel Price Today: Petrol-Diesel became cheaper in Rajasthan, check the condition of other states here.

Petrol, Diesel Price Today on seventeenth November, 2021: On Tuesday, the Rajasthan administration in addition has published a control in tub on diesel and petrol. With this, petrol will be* that is( by Rs 4 and diesel by Rs 5 per litre in the country.

Petrol And* that is( price

After the Central Government cut the excise duty on petroleum products at the beginning of the month, many states had also cut the VAT ie Value Added Tax levied on their behalf. However, there were many states which did not reduce the tax. But gradually many states are also announcements that are making*) this way. in, On Tuesday the administration in addition has   published a reduction Rajasthan tub on gas and diesel . in this, gas will be* that is( by cheaper 4 and diesel by Rs 5 per liter Rs state. in the reduction on duty by After the, there was a cut the Center 7 on petrol and* that is( 10 per litre on diesel. Rs many of us speak about

If charges the, at present in Rajasthan final price the gas per litre of is* that is( 107.06, while Rs price the diesel has gone up to of 90.70 per liter. Rs we talk about

If whole country today, then today is the 13th consecutive day on the, Wednesday 17, 2021, when there has been no change November oil prices. in prices Oil country have remained stable since in the excise duty was cut.the’s take a look at

Let and the Petrol prices Diesel cities oncein other:

Delhi   – ₹103.97 per litre; Petrol – ₹86.67 per liter.Diesel,

Petrol, Diesel Price Today: Check the latest rate of petrol, diesel in your city.
Petrol: Diesel Price Today latest rate Check the petrol, diesel of your 

Mumbai  – ₹109.98 per litre; Petrol – ₹94.14 per literDiesel:

Kolkata   – ₹104.67 per litre; Petrol – ₹89.79 per liter.Diesel: 

Chennai  – Petrol 101.40 per liter; Rs – ₹91.43 per literDiesel: 

Noida  – ₹95.51 per litre; Petrol – ₹87.01 per liter.Diesel : 

Bhopal  – ₹107.23 per liter; Petrol – ₹90.87 per literDiesel: 

Bengaluru  – ₹100.58 per litre; Petrol – ₹85.01 per liter.Diesel: 

Lucknow  – Petrol 95.28 per liter, Rs – Diesel 86.80 per literRs:

Chandigarh   – ₹94.23 per litre; Petrol – Diesel 80.90 per liter.Rs Latest rate of diesel and petrol(*) your area in and diesel costs are changed daily

Petrol area. in the can cognize You amount the gas and diesel of your area through an SMS. in this, it is possible to distribute Text Message to sculpture quantity 9224992249 under For. Indian Oil Message Service be required to type You e-mail parcel – RSP<space>in the. Petrol Pump Dealer Code can You RSP manner check the your town/city by visiting* that is( webpage. the Indian Oil shipping After e-mail, an alert the newest gas price may come of the you are call.inAlSo understood:

: Puneeth Rajkumar Karnataka Ratna Award administration offers gratitude to Karnataka.Puneeth Rajkumar