Owner of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ Kanta Prasad attempted suicide | Due to stress | Out of danger at present.

Baba Ka Dhaba individual Kanta Prasad attempted suicide on Thursday. Kanta Prasad used to give suicide by-drinking alcohol in the mouthwash and sleeping that is taking.

Owner of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ attempted suicide.

Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba, attempted suicide on Thursday. Kanta Prasad tried to commit suicide by drinking alcohol and sleeping that is taking. The individual of Baba Ka Dhaba stays in Malviya Nagar country of Delhi.

The law enforcement agency received the informatioin needed for his or her suicide intend out of the medical center. NightHe matter is about 10.30 pm on. to was admitted According to the hospital for treatment. at the information received, Baba Kanta Prasad present, of danger is out

In.suicide the initial investigation, the reason for the Baba attempt is being told as the reason for the hotel being closed in lockdown and the tension regarding the case filed by


The police is investigating the matter.Kanta Prasad police is investigating the matter. He became famous across the country after a video. of had opened a restaurant that is new aid After the populace, but shut down is actually about four several weeks before once the passing. of alleging embezzlement Gaurav Vasan dollar, in addition, he have a reconciliation with YouTuber

Prasad up to now.Malviya Nagar was ever starting his or her dhaba of the kerbside in of South Delhi country Police. Thursday announced on to nighttime, the PCR received a telephone call that a person have tried* that are( commit

When. Kanta Prasad the police reached the spot, they saw 80-year-old Kanta. Badama Devi’s wife stress told the police that her husband was under

Kanta Prasad for the past days that are few

Kanta Prasad arrived to the community country wide through a video that is viral social media.Many came into the discussion across the country through a video that is viral web 20. to citizens have offered a hand that is helping*) help him, after which his financial condition had become much better.

Kanta Prasad had opened a restaurant that is new the amount of money gained out of the crowdfunding. In this it engaged two cooks and an associate. He have undergone many due to the fact to the closure of the fine dining within your lockdown, when it shut down is actually.

Baba’s es have stated that corresponding to the fees within your fine dining, the income were consistently getting highly fewer. Rent, salary* that is( working boys, electricity and water bills had to be paid. It took more than one and a half lakh rupees to open the restaurant.

After the closure of the restaurant, we sold all the goods, from which we got 30 to 40 thousand rupees. According to Baba’s son, then the earning was only of Baba 15 thousand.

Lastvideo if the monthly expenditure in the restaurant was Gaurav Vasan 2 lakh got and so viral on web 20 that your destiny of Baba modified immediately.Kanta Prasad entire year, YouTuber He spent videos at, in which* that is( cried that he had two sons and a daughter, but no one helped. of Baba and his wife cook and sell food of the dhaba throughout the (* day) video footage got and so viral on web 20 that your destiny to modified immediately. A number that is large*) people came forward at help him and there was a long queue People the dhaba. to were getting eager

Owner of 'Baba Ka Dhaba' Kanta Prasad attempted suicide | Due to stress | Out of danger at present.
Owner of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ Kanta Prasad attempted suicide take a photo with him.Due to stress | Out of danger at |

In present.Gaurav fact, there was a rift with YouTuber of Gaurav Vasan, who made the video to, due to which people broke down Baba help Baba. Gaurav later filed a case that is cheating Not. Baba Kanta Prasad entirely this, Gaurav supposed that

Recently Baba have obtained a great deal from individuals his or her identity, but brought the boy entirely a share that is small. to Vasan had also apologized For. Kanta Prasad the time being, after closing the restaurant, to has once again reached the place that is same it employed Dhaba work the In recently. of Corona the wave that is second*), whenever lockdown was ever included all over again, the previous Dhaba well have to become sealed.