Orders issued by Chief Minister MK Stalin | Committee to set rules for online classes.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has got bought the synthesis of a commission to lay-down rules for online instruction.

Online training nuisance by mentor Rajagopalan at PSBB dojo.

Rajagopalan, a school teacher at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan School in KK Nagar, Chennai, has generated a controversy by intimately bothering people.

Rajagopalan is now under police arrest and in prison under statutes among them Pocso. 

Committee to set rules for online instruction.

In this case, Chief Minister MK Stalin has got ordered* that is( register all online classes in Tamil Nadu. 

Due to the Corona epidemic, educational institutions not only in Tamil Nadu but all over India have been shut down and classes have been taken online for about a year. 

a meeting that is consultative maintained this evening for the General Secretariat to chat about the type of much of the the past few intelligence the actions of those instruction and to experience instantaneous steps for slips during the online instruction.

Chief Minister MK Stalin’s command regarding* that is( classes.

The Chief Minister inspected some of the recent incidents that took place in an class that is internet the experience staying used against them. 

Orders issued by Chief Minister MK Stalin | Committee to set rules for online classes.
Orders issued by Chief Minister MK Stalin | Committee to set rules for online instruction.

The Chief Minister has got reported the next possibilities and tells to be certain that so much events will not come about over again and this action that is legal be taken against those involved in other school colleges.

That classes conducted over the* that is( should be licensed by the institution and assessed from period to period by a committee composing of both spokesperson for the dojo organization as well as the Parent-Teacher Association uneasy.

Helpline to inform online training issues.

A commission will be* that is( up comprising of the Commissioner of School Education, the Director of College Education, the Computer Crime Prevention Unit and police officers, educators and psychologists on the issue of sexual harassment in schools and educational institutions in the state.

He said action would be taken against those who misbehaved in internet classes under the law of “pocso” and advised students to create a helpline number to report their complaints.

The Honorable minister that is chief*) in addition aimed the state’s cybercrime officers MK Stalin at once get issues about to instruction and experience instantaneous steps online be certain that students needed aren’t debilitated.to