Nykaa IPO: Shares were allotted today; check to see if you received shares, and learn about GMP.

Shares in Nykaa and Nykaa Fashion’s father or mother firm, FSN E-Commerce Ventures, shall be diversified at this time. The firm’s IPO begun on October 28 and finished on November 1. This IPO wore 81.78 registrations at the time of the day that is last. Retail investors’ reserve shares were filled 12.06 times. NII, on the other hand, had a share of 112.02 times and QIB had a share of 91.18 times. The reserved share for the company’s employees, on the other hand, received 1.87 times the bid.

When will the shares be allotted and listed?

The distribution of Nykaa shares is scheduled for today. Those who do not receive these shares will have their money returned on November 9. Those who will receive Nykaa shares will see them appear in their* that is on November 10. On November 11, the business’s posts shall be on the BSE-NSE.

What’s being carried out GMP?

According to marketplace analysts, Nykaa’s private listings posts have been investing tight of Rs 650 during the market that is gray. The issue price of the company is* that is( 1085-1125. According to this, the posts of Nykaa have been foreign currency trading at Rs 1775 (1125 + 650).

If you have likewise requested for Nykaa IPO next you can check IPO allotment reputation by looking at the portal that is online of*), which is the registrar for this IPO. Link Intime India Private Limited visiting this portal, By have you select to IPO first. Nykaa will have There you enter your PAN card number or to ID or Application IT Client, after which the allotment status will be displayed in front of and Depository Participant Identification Number.you way

Nykaa IPO: Shares were allotted today; check to see if you received shares, and learn about GMP.

Another fact that to check

The’s IPO was subscribed Nykaa 82 times until the last day tells to how popular it was. you is also one of the reasons that are main consumers are consistently anticipating his allotment reputation. This’s 1st offering that is publicIPO) begun on Nykaa 28 October finished on and 1. November means for any IPO may be established with the firm at The 1085-1125.Rs