NH 707 landslide: Now farmers will reach the crop market by paying extra | many panchayats of Shillai lost contact with Paonta.

On Friday, the not reachable location of ​​Sirmaur, the support have been folded owing to the dropped off-road on the Paonta-Shilai National Highway. The off-road which settle on the highway near Badwas has in fact dropped on the farmers and home gardeners far too. Farmers will wil take advantage of to hold profit sprouts to the mandis at multiple the pricing.

Land dropping on the motorway in Paonta, many panchayats of Shillai lost contact with Paonta – nh 707 landslide.

Due To land that is heavy on Paonta-Shilai-Gumma NH 707 on Friday morning, dozens of panchayats of Shillai area of ​​Giripar lost contact with Paonta Sahib. Let us tell that when people were coming towards Paonta Sahib in the morning, the ground started sloping under the National Highway near Badwas.

Witnesses say that while he was making a video of the ground beneath the H-707, in the meantime the upper part of the road also started to slip. Soon the whole dune got buried in the ditch. Due to which there was panic in the area and people started running to save their lives. Eyewitnesses said that the NH was badly damaged. It is feared it.

On Fridaysirmaur that it may take several days to fix landslide.the, of not reachable location the ​​Sirmaur section the, the support have been folded owing to the Paonta dropped off-road on Shilai National Highway-The. the off-road which settle on Badwas highway near the farmers has in fact dropped on Farmers of the and home gardeners far too. will location the wil take advantage of to hold their own profit sprouts to the mandis at multiple by the pricing as they remained impaired Because landslide. French of today profit sprouts like love apple, cabbage, Shillai seed, capsicum are raised in

Farmers set up body.Dehradun post these sprouts to Yamunanagar, Ladlu, Hisar, Delhi and Paonta Sahib via The. of the transporters will location the have got to move around some other 15 kilometer owing to of wear and tear of the 150 measures After highway owing to landslides. will which he NH 707 descend yet again on Be and choose towards their vacation destination. the Shillai conscious of set up body Sirmaur section farmers is that not reachable and bashful or even Due and home gardeners end up being more here several many people right here equally have compulsion in outward sectors and states that are outside. the to of the closure the road, where* that are( campaign will many people

At the experience acne problems.will exact same moment, we of also need to pay out an bus that is additional The 15 km. by the alternative route suggested Shillai district administration in of assembly constituency is very tight and there may be a risk Use the landslides in that route that is alternate. National Highway 707 Paonta alternative course from Hatkoti to Ramkumar Gautam Udhar National Highway 707 : Paonta Sahib from Shillai to Hatkoti-Deputy Commissioner Ram Kumar Gautam have been folded for web traffic. Sataun announced to visit from Kamrau to Shillai and Hatkoti-the, anyone online can use* that is( alternate road route from Kafota to Via Jakhna Jong-Kilour-Deputy Commissioner Sirmaur. of said that there was no loss

The life or property in this landslide.of mountain NH 707 disaster broken on Sirmaur in farmers will reach the crop market by paying extra, now

He.of the took stock by situation with the interacting of Paonta Sahib officials Shillai and the through video conferencing and issued orders to the police department to put up barricades 200-200 meters before of the site Can landslide, so that any untoward incident could be prevented. Apart go the from this, orders have been issued to put up warning boards on Shillai road leading to Paonta Sahib from the main road to alert The Deputy Commissioner people. the issued orders to the company engaged in of construction National Highway this the to prepare this road in

Apart next three to four days.the Sub from this, Divisional Officer Paonta Sahib-Sub and Divisional Officer Shillai-National Highway were ordered to find possible accident sites on this of the and to deploy people on behalf the company in those accident sites, so that he could alert the people walking on To road about landslides and the prevent of possibility He any accident. the directed the police department to deploy police force on The alternate route so that there is no jam on this road. the officers have been instructed to fix the electricity and water system at

Loss of earliest.the five crores in

In the last four days.Sirmaur district the, due to* that is( rains for the Public Works Department past 4 occasions, National Highway, Irrigation and Public Health Department and of accept sustained the passong The National Highway about 10 crores. the provides suffered* that is( most in this, in the National Highway last 4 days of has suffered a loss It around 5 crores. the is worth mentioning that the entire mountain has collapsed several times before Kamrau highway was marshy land in and around Barwas and As. the soon as minor cracks started appearing in Due mountain, people stopped their vehicles, vehicles were stopped on both sides to avoid landslides.

Even to which there was no damage to life or property.the now, of sequence the light landslides and stone falling from The NH mountain is going on. the National Highway Nahan Sarahan Kumarhatti has been badly damaged due to stone-falling that is continuous on On the. Paonta Sahib Shillai National Highway same the, Due motorway wear and tear has been impaired owing to debris that is falling stones at various places. the to Pavta Shillai Hatkoti National Highway construction work on of, where cutting that is new come to pass, a good deal the dust is originating on the highway from Due off-road. the to which* that is( drivers are facing problems in driving of vehicle, as well as there is a constant risk the accidents due to the debris falling from the mountain all

NH 707 time.Now farmers will reach the crop market by paying extra landslide: many panchayats of Shillai lost contact with Paonta |

Due.Sirmaur to rains that are incessant section the, of Yamuna elevation Giri waterway and Yamuna waterway has gone up greatly. the will approach* that is( danger mark. the this, of Jaton Dam gates Shri Renuka near the ji were also opened for some time, because the water in the dam had reached above The danger mark. the district administration has urged* that is( the town of malawi and holiday-makers in order to from

waterway empties(*)