Nawab Malik’s tweet in the second minute of Devendra Fadnavis’ press conference, ‘I am coming…!’

As subsequently as Devendra Fadnavis’ press summit concluded, Malik tweeted in the second minute he was ever prepared to interact with ‘Aa Raha hoon main.’

During a half-hour press summit, confrontation director Devendra Fadnavis hurled tanks at Nawab Malik. Nawab Malik obtained domain value crores of rupees from the arrested in the Mumbai blasts in 1993. Devendra Fadnavis asked how* that is( obtained the land from the underworld suspects who were blowing up the rags of Mumbai. Malik also claimed to have made four other deals with the underworld. As soon as Fadnavis’ press conference ended, Malik tweeted in the second minute that he was ready to respond, saying, “I am here.”

Malik’s direct link to* that is( underworldand also Fadnavis’ half-hour stunning press summit

Devendra Fadnavis brought an interesting half-hour press summit. Several tanks was detonated during the press summit. For just Rs 20 lakh, Malik obtained crores of domain from the arrested in the 1993 Mumbai blasts instance. What quite performs this necessarily mean? I may offer research to* that are( investigating agencies if Malik’s land purchase was directly related to the underworld. Fadnavis also stated that he was ready to respond to press’ At conference that he would present all Malik evidence to press, At the, and press.Fadnavis’s They, of appeared at

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.(*) tweeted (*) following (*)’ half-hour (*) conference. (*) 2 p.m., (*) can hold a* that is( conference. (*) same (*) conference, he will attempt to respond to every allegation leveled by (*). (*) will make every effort to defuse each (*) their bombs.(*) read: (*)mbai has a accident that is major! A house that is one-story, wounding nine citizens. (*)