Narayanpur naxal attack: Naxalites attack mine in Narayanpur | Set four vehicles on fire | Took the employees hostage.

On Saturday, provided Naxals performed a incident that is major*) district of in Narayanpur. Chhattisgarh attacked a* that is( territory. mine in the the very least At occupied four vehicles means manufacture work on ended up being torched truth be told there. A police command gave this given

Narayanpur attacked Naxalites, set the mine to fire, took the vehicles hostage.the employees have carried out a major incident

Naxalites, in Narayanpur. Chhattisgarh attacked Naxalites district at around 10 am the Amdai mine in the. on Saturday set They at work here the vehicles. on fire were assaulted and 12 Employees were taken hostage. employees some time, After released 10 the Naxalites. employees 2 other While are still missing. employees for him is going Search. on has also been an encounter of There with Naxalites security forces of the. the mine is being told that intermittent firing is going It area. on in the IG Bastar P has confirmed Sundarraj incident.the, armed

On Saturday carried out a incident that is major*) territory of Naxals. in Narayanpur attacked a* that is( district. They least mine in the engaged At road construction work were torched there. A police officer has given this information. four vehicles said that two in working there are said to be missing after He incident.employees of the (SP)

Narayanpur Superintendent said that this incident is of Police area of ​​Mohit Garg police station area. Amdai mine to information that is preliminary Chhote Dongar torched around According occupied the Maoists means manufacture work on and a couple providers usually are described being absent.four vehicles.inSP

Narayanpur naxal attack more deeply notified that

yield can be just yet to get started Mohit Garg this the allocated to in (JNIL) and ground that is pre-mining is going mine at Jaiswal Neco Industries Limited site. on receiving information about the incident, security forces reached On spot and an encounter broke out between them and the rebels. the information is awaited.the: More |

Narayanpur naxal attack: Naxalites attack mine in Narayanpur | Set four vehicles on fire | Took the employees hostage.
Narayanpur naxal attack | Naxalites attack mine in Narayanpur hostage.Set four vehicles on fire us inform that Took the employees encounter between

Let (DRG) and in the forest of District Reserve Guard of Naxalites in the district, Elangnar, Bastar deputy commander of Joga number 26, was killed the encounter. A rifle that is 303 a pistol and a radio estimate were already restored from it. Looking procedure was published after Platoon experience. SSP in the in which the DRG products ended up being out Deepak Jha detachment. the this, on started out lighting near During. the Naxalites patrol and retaliated. Elangnar fled after lighting that survived for up to 30 minutes from each side. The examine of The Naxalites point, On structure of a uniformed the appeared to be restored.the