Karthikeya in Tirumala: Karthikeya visited Tirumala Srivastava with his wife and family.

Karthikeya Tirumala Visit: Hero Karthikeya lately gotten well-known. He together his youth companion Lohita. The few visited Srivastava in Thirumala. Photos connected with this task have right now lost viral.

Karthikeya Tirumala Visit: Hero Karthikeya and his wife Lohita in monthly of Tirumala Srivari .. Photos viral

Hero Karthikeya-Lohita few, just who just bought together, visited Thirumala Srivastava. MorningOn during a VIP break darshan on. Vedic this occasion the Afterwards Swami scholars gave blessings to the couple that is new. Tirtha Prasadam’s Along with Karthikeyan was ever introduced. Lohita-Currently have been equally their loved ones participants. Tirumala, pictures during the couple’s excursion to* that is( have gone viral on social media.with ‘RX 100’, who made a name for herself as a hero Lohita Reddy, got married to her beloved in Hyderabad on the 21st of this *) month. Megastar Chiranjeevi cine superstars found this wedding ceremony. and equally joined Karthikeyan provided The’s wedding ceremony. Many few next taught a reception that is grand. and celebrities also came to the reception

The made a fuss.Thirumala Venkanna newlyweds took the blessings of

The Karthikeyan.Lohita-and couple changed the love bond into a marriage bond Hero Karthikeya entered into a bond that is marital. his sets up three springs on Lohita girl in Hyderabad’s head at a wedding celebration area Many. and superstars in the movie market joined the marriage Megastar Chiranjeevi gifted the newlyweds. and by his own joined wedding Karthikeyan gifted the*)-(* that is( couple.Karthikeya visited Tirumala Srivastava with his wife and:

Karthikeyan family.his, who is best known for in ‘RX 100’ role in ‘Hippie’, later starred ‘Guna 369′ and ’, Nani90 ML’. in impressed as a villain ‘Gang Leader’ the movie The which came as a hero. with ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ hero, who later entertained himself with ‘Raja Vikramarka’, recently came before us He. in ‘Valimai’ is currently playing a role that is pivotal*) star Ajith as being the character. The movie is issued shortly.