Farhan-Shibani Wedding: Know Where is the wedding venue? | Farhan Akhtar-Shibani Dandekar will get married Soon.

Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar and celebrity Shibani Dandekar had been free dating online for several days. They are believed to be to be* that is( most charming and cute couple in the industry. Both of them always express their love openly and their fan following on social media is also amazing.

Farhan-Shibani Wedding

Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar and actress Shibani Dandekar have been dating for several days now. They are considered to be* that is( many enchanting and precious few in the sector. Both regarding continually show their own beloved unreservedly along with their follower succeeding on social websites is always wonderful. Fans of the few were definitely needing to get married for a number of months. Soon them both are likely to perform this dream regarding lovers.

Know Where is the wedding venue? | Farhan Akhtar-Shibani Dandekar will get married Soon.
Know Where is the wedding place? | Farhan Akhtar-Shibani Dandekar will get married Soon.

According to Bollywood Life, Farhan and Shibani decided a deluxe wedding in Mumbai in March 2022. However, finally the few will make putting together the wedding on a highly scale that is small with close friends. Because, corona patients are starting to grow once again. Apart from this, there are many celebrities in Mumbai who have recently been found to be covid positive.

Close friends and family members will be present

According to a source close to the matter, only Farhan and Shibani’s family and some close friends will be attending* that is( finally. Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar had been cohabitation for a time that is long their marriage has been delayed due to corona. Now neither of them wants to postpone the marriage.

Where is the wedding venue?

According to reports, the couple has booked a 5 star hotel as their wedding venue and almost everything has been finalized. Farhan and Shibani have also decided to wear designer Sabyasachi clothes like Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif. The color of their clothes is going to be light but attractive. The couple has been in a relationship for the last 3 years. Shibani Dandekar has also got a tattoo of Farhan’s name. The two are often seen sharing moments that are romantic the other on social websites. Photos of the few always had gone widespread on social websites.