Devar guru poojai 2021 Live Updates: Muthuramalinga Thevar Jayanthi, Holiday for liquor stores.

* that are( shops in Tirunelveli and Tenkasi districts will be closed on Saturday (Oct. 30) ahead of the 114th Jayanthi celebrations of Thevar Muthuramalingam.

Thevar jayanthi: Today is a holiday for liquor stores

Thevar Guru Pooja festival, which is seen as a major event in the southern districts, is now being celebrated for the 59th year.

Thevar Jayanthi Guru Pooja will be held on Saturday (Oct. 30) at Pasumpon village, Kamuthi circle, Ramanathapuram district. Due to law and order issues, all liquor shops and* that is( outlet stores in Tirunelveli and Tenkasi sectors might be shut on Saturday (Oct. 30). Vishnu, Tenkasi District Administrator c. According to a news release set by Gopalasundaraj.

Ramanathapuram District A number that is large of party leaders are participating in the 59th Guru Pooja of the golden Muthuramalinga Thevar.

Devar guru poojai 2021

Hindu People’s Party leader Arjun Sampath was present in Ramanathapuram. In particular, he had put forward a request to the Government of Tamil Nadu to declare Muthuramalingam Thevar Guru Puja as a of morality.Muthuramalinga Thevar Jayanthi day: Holiday for liquor,

After outlet stores.Muthuramalingam Thevar Guru Pooja spending honor towards favorable Ramanathapuram in Hindu People centre, Party’s Arjun Sampath innovator Muthuramalingam Thevar Guru Pooja informed journalists, “

really should be released a day that is moral.Tamil NaduI also call on the* that is( fed government to make usage of a ready-made prohibition on drink. ”

Thevar Jayanthi Festival studied: UPSC: fiftieth standing in UPSC test in low make an effort, urged to pick this topic.Change: Chennai Nandanam in

Traffic sign site visitorsNandanam Signal Junction was amused at Thevar Jayanthi this evening in advance of

Traffic.Devar corrections were put there towards Nandana sculpture in Vehicles from 7 morning this evening. Saidapet wanting to come from Turnbulls Point to Sameers Road on Link Road might be amused via Model Hutment Road, Road, VN South Poke Road, North Poke Road, Thiagaraya Road, Eltamas Road, Annasalai on the particular of Link Road and Let.

Vehicles’s check out the route.Saidapet proceeding from Sameers Road to Turn Bulls (Road) might be amused via VN South Bhog Road, North Bhog Road, Thiyagaraya Road, Eldamas Road, Dasan Road, SID and KP Nandanam at

Vehicles sign particular.Denampet wanting to come from Saidapet to Kottarapuram Bridge normally requires the Gandhi Mandapam Point, Patel Road, SV Bridge towards GKM Cenotaph Road at the* that is( particular.Bridge GKM Anna Salai can be contacted via Cenotaph Road and It. Annasala is not really in a position to proceed towards Kotturpuram from Those reconnect. Bridge Service Road cars and trucks can be all the way through GKM Road via DDK

Vehicles.Sameers Road travelling from Saidapet to Anna Salai can extend to Gandhi Mandapam Point via Patel Road, SV Bridge Service Road via GKM The Chennai Traffic Police. 

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