B. S. Yediyurappa latest news: Will Yediyurappa’s ‘dinner diplomacy’ work?

With Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa inclined to step-down, brand-new areas such as wanted all BJP MLAs within the ongoing party.

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Karnataka ‘s chief minister BS Yediyurappa , who is a huge pressure on to resign. With Karnataka claiming to have a new chief minister by the end of this month, Chief Minister Yediyurappa has begun to play his political maneuvers through ‘dinner diplomacy’ for CM change; Yediyurappa’s July work?Karnataka BS

Recently likely to step down, he has invited all BJP MLAs to the ongoing celebrate.Chief Minister Yediyurappa. Prime Minister Narendra Modi contains presented a celebration on Union Home Minister Amit Shah 25 to crisscross the conclusion of two year period on this BJP united states government in Nadda site BJP MLAs were wanted to wait.Delhi, Sources greeted But Yediyurappa, Prime Minister and BJP president that is national

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Karnataka. President said that the party’s high command had ordered him to resign. In has denied the allegations and said he had met the Karnataka for development work in the state.The High Command the clip that is audio of alteration of CM had gone viral.Chief Minister Yediyurappa position BJP

After nalinakumara katila is usually an clip that is audio of seconds viral on social media. He it, he has claimed that a new minister that is chief a new squad are going to be getting work done in Chief Minister towards the end of the week.

B. S. Yediyurappa latest news: Will Yediyurappa's 'dinner diplomacy' work?
contains made a decision to exchange Yediyurappa latest. Will Yediyurappa the clip that is audio of change of CM went viral, the BJP state president has claimed that he has nothing to do with it. ‘dinner diplomacy’ has said that he will write a letter to the

On for an inquiry that is impartial this esteem.YediyurappaB. S. Chief Minister reports: Yediyurappa’s It act?Yediyurappa the person pass, there does exist pressure that is growing

to resign as (*), while on the other hand, (*) has started his political maneuver. (*) will be clear in the weeks that are coming (*)’s an evening meal diplomacy conserve her or his couch. (*)