Attack of Black fungus in weak immunity patients.

In component to diseases that are post-covid patients recovering from covid have also been attacked by black fungus. Also in the district, arrangements are already being made for patients suffering from corona and black fungus, and other diseases.

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Black fungus
Attack of Black fungus in weak immunity main symptoms

The nasal congestion are nasal pain, bleeding or nasal congestion, swelling of the nose, toothache or jaw pain or tooth decay, blurred or pain in front in the eyes, fever, chest pain, cough, difficulty breathing, vomiting of blood. of also sometimes affects the mind.It black

Symptoms of.fungus particles from the nose, mouth and eyes.

  • Black the bones
  • Pain in the cheeks around the nose, pain of the face, numbness and Headache, toothache and trembling from the roots, pain in the jaw.
  • Fever vision with pain in the optical eyeballs, anguish and inflammation about the eyes and scent.
  • , bust anguish, anguish of respiratory.


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