Antilia Security: Two suspects ask for Mukesh Ambani’s residence address, police blockade Antilia area.

Mumbai News: According towards tips distributed by the* that is( to a taxi driver, two unidentified persons asked for the address of Mukesh Ambani’s residence. They had a bag.

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The address of the residence of Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man and head of Reliance Industries, has been revealed by two suspects. The taxi driver informed the police. The taxi driver informed the* that is( that the 2 conversed in Urdu and questioned for the location. The Antilia community may be roped away from through Mumbai Police.

Mumbai police own beefed-up privacy away from residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani in Antilia. Mumbai Police has brought this resolution after a taxi operater brought specifics about two suspects.

Security beefed-up outside Mukesh Ambani’s residence Antilia, travel operater shows police about suspects

According towards travel operater, Mumbai police straightaway increased privacy outside Antilia. It equally polished privacy inside area that is surrounding. The taxi driver informed the* that is( that two bearded gents questioned for the location of Mukesh Ambani’s residence.

Antilia provides 27 floor. The home is revered about Rs 6,000 crore. It can be revered at 2 2 billion (more or less Rs 125 billion) in money. According towards operater, a man that is bearded approached by two unidentified persons in front of the Fort Court and asked for Ambani’s home address. The suspects who asked for the address had a silver Wagner car. Both men were speaking Urdu and had a bag. Following this information, the* that is( own generally known as for CCTV foot associated with the community and a blockade may be included. Police got into contact with the RTO to acquire their tips with the car or truck amount however couldn’t obtain tips. Mumbai Police can be examining the situation.

Antilia Security: Two suspects ask for Mukesh Ambani's residence address, police blockade Antilia area.
Antilia Security: Two suspects ask for Mukesh Ambani’s residence location, police blockade Antilia community.

On February 26, a stock of gel was discovered near Mukesh Ambani’s residence in Antilia, Mumbai. Police recovered a bag in the vehicle. Information had also been associated with is actually. The NIA provides jailed Sachin Waze, Sunil Mane, Riazuddin Qazi and Pradeep Sharma relating to the way it is. 

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