Actor Shivaram: Senior actor Shivaram health condition serious: treatment in ICU.

Senior actor Shivaram Health is being alluded to the hospital with determined pain that is back. Sivaram is currently being treated at the ICU of Prashant Hospital near Vidyapeeth Circle.

Actor Shivaram: Sandalwood veteran actor Shivaram’s health condition is serious; Treatment in the ICU

Shivaram, a veteran actor from Chandanawan, was injured in the accident and was hospitalized. He was admitted to a hospital that is private*) the settlement of in. 3 hours ago Having been Hoskere an auto accident. in got managed along at the the hospital and came back family. He’s Shivaram looks determined also if the guy stays on in the house. condition is presently undergoing treatment along at the ICU He a hospital that is private sources Was injured when he went to a motor car near

He. Hosakerelli can be acquired that It endured a injury that is serious his head and a strong blow to the brain.Shivaram has informed 84-year-old

Senior actor Srinivas Murthy that his* that is determined.condition Car was accidental if he got out of the motor car three days ago. 

The’s eldest son, Shivaram, was taken to the hospital and examined at the hospital.Ravi Shankarkannada

shivaram condition days ago, everything was normal. 

Three had gone to the house to worship He at home night that is last. Ayyappa educated the fact that rear of the bedroom experienced decreased backside when he needed to park chief.Son Ravishankar:

Actor Shivaram: Senior actor Shivaram health condition serious: treatment in ICU.
Actor Shivaram determined: Senior actor Shivaram health condition ICU.treatment in’s firstborn youngster

Shivaram boasts educated upper Ravishankar that his/her actor Shivaram looks determined. ” condition sports car got unintentional for me to left during the sports car 3 days back. The we were looking at managed for a few hours. Then went for the management to activity He in the house night that is last. Ayyappa the room, the background hit the head. 

Back in took her to the hospital night that is last performed the skimming. We list shared swelling Scanning mental performance. in explained procedures ought to be done. Doctors’s never geared towards eliminating manage aging environment procedures for the daddy. Adre is presently undergoing treatment He the ICU, ”said in.Ravi Shankar