World Mental Health Day 2021 Theme: Mental Health In An Unequal World | After covid, the number of patients with depression has increased.

Earlier the number of elderly was ever a lot more among the psychopaths luckily the teenagers may also be going through this ailment. World Mental Health Day 2021. World Mental Health Day Theme 2021 Symptoms seen in patients Psychopaths roaming on the road will be treated Increased stress due to loss of work, financial loss … Read more

Military coup in Sudan: Prime Minister arrested, people on the street, America took strict action.

* that is( has been condemned by the United States, the United Nations and the European Union. Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said the US had been warning of a military coup in Sudan. Sudan news Sudan’s army seized power on Monday, sacking the caretaker government, hours after arresting the prime minister. After this, thousands of … Read more

International Left-Handers Day 2021 Special: Why celebrate this day? | Why are people lefty? | 8 Presidents of America who work with the left hand.

International Left Handers Day indicates a day that is special those people who write with the left hand and whose work is done with the left hand. This day was started in the year 1991 and this day is celebrated every year on 13th August. International Left-Handers Day 2021. Why is this day celebrated? Some … Read more

The hashtag ‘Stand with Stalin’ is No. 1 rather than ‘Go Back Stalin’ | Will Gandhi Market open in Lockdown? | 75 concentrators to Government Hospitals in Trichy and Tanjore.

Urban Development Ministers KN Nehru and Anbil mahesh poyyamozhi at this time passed on 75 atmosphere concentrators provided by the* that is( of School Education at his own funds at the Trichy Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital to the hospital management. 75 concentrators to  Government Hospitals in Trichy and Tanjore. District Collector Sivarasu, Corporation Commissioner … Read more

Women rights in India that every Indian woman should know.

India is in the procedure of adjustment. We prefer a liberal, lower secondary, egalitarian world. If you appear inside the Constitution of India, there is produced the application to a extent that is great. We have a few more areas to address, but most of the law is impartial. However, the roots of patriarchy and … Read more