Fiber rich foods in India.

Fiber helps digest food. It is almost identical from your plate to the toilet. Having a high-fiber diet can help prevent digestive problems such as constipation, risks of inflammatory bowel disease, and help keep weight under control. Here I shared the fiber-rich foods in India and ways to add more fiber to the Indian diet. … Read more

China Covid Cases Rising: Beijing begins mass testing after finding 4 new COVID cases

Beijing wants to determine many people after four new COVID-19 cases remained seen in a district that is suburban, as a new outbreak prompts school closures and flight cancellations across the country. China has maintained a zero-(* that is staunch program with severe bound closures, prolonged quarantines and pointed lockdowns. But the world’s the majority … Read more

Corona havoc: All schools and colleges in Telangana closed till January 16, CM appeals to wear masks

It was going to be told through the CMO that searchers needs to be alarm as you work and wear masks. Follow the Corona procedures supplied with the federal government.  Telangana federal government provides declared the end of most institutions that are educational*) its havoc: Corona 16, All schools and colleges in Telangana closed till … Read more

Zika Virus: Now the first case encountered in Maharashtra | Confirmed in 50 year old woman from Pune | 63 cases in Kerala so far.

After Kerala, so the first case of Zika malware continues to be documented in Maharashtra. News organisation ANI cited the Maharashtra Health Department as declaring, “The first case of Zika virus has been reported in Maharashtra. A 50-year-old female patient was found in Purandar tehsil of Pune district. However, the patient is fine.” Zika virus … Read more

How to increase immunity in children home remedies?.

Children inherited the world with an all new system that is immune slowly develop their own immunity. The immune system in children is designed to do a beautiful job of protecting them against many bacteria and viruses. If weakened at any time, our children are more vulnerable and prone to colds, flu, or any illness … Read more

Vedika Shinde: Even an injection of Rs 16 crore did not work | innocent Vedika took her last breath | spinal muscular atrophy.

A years old Vedika Saurabh Shinde, enduring an infrequent disease that is genetic breathed her last at a hospital in Pune on Sunday evening.  To save his life, prayers were raised from all over the world, the world’s most expensive injection was also given.  However, destiny had other plans.  The issue of waiving import duty … Read more